Fantastic Fruit Single Line Slots

Most people know them as ‘classic slots’ or the ‘original slots’, but online, we know them mainly as single line slots. Single line slots are the oldest and still most popular type of slot game that is played online, although multi-line video slots are growing fast in their popularity.

Fantastic Fruit is a nice classic slot machine found at Rival Gaming Casinos. Most players think of fruit covered reels when they think of a single line slot machine – and that is just what this game is all about. The reels are loaded with Lemons, Plums, Apples and Cherries. Something that sets this game apart from other fruit themed single line slots is that the fruits look real. They are actual pictures of the fruit instead of the normal hand drawn version we are used to seeing in online casinos.

The object of Fantastic Fruit is to get a winning symbol combination to line up on the pay line. The rules are very easy to learn, only requiring you to decide how much to bet, ‘inserting’ the coins, and clicking on the spin button.

There is a feature of Fantastic Fruit Slots that makes game play just a little bit easier – It’s called the auto spin function. This allows players to decide how many spins they would like to make in a row without stopping. With this feature, it is easy to click a button sit back and watch as the reels spin for you. Just keep in mind that the rate of play goes by much faster and could put a quick strain on your bankroll.

Fantastic Fruit Slots offers a wide selection of coin sizes so that players with a big or a small bank roll can take part in the game. Their lowest bet size is five cents and the highest is $5 with many coin sizes in between. The maximum bet in this game is $5. With this bet, players are eligible for the maximum payout, which is going to be the maximum bet times one pay line. The overall win in this game ends up being a total of 400 coins. So if the bet was $5, multiply that by 400 and that will be the amount of money for the total win.

As in most fruit themed slot games, if a ‘Cherry’ appears anywhere on the pay line, the player walks away with a win. To find out what the rest of the winning combinations are, simply take a look at the pay table. Make sure you know what the combinations are before starting to play, so there will be no confusion during or after the game about winnings.